The Pursuit Of Happyness: A Story That Will Move You

There are many real life events that occur on a day-to-day basis that has the power to inspire people to achieve their dreams. You can find such life-changing stories on eBook sites like Ennymedia. One of the best books of perseverance and struggle that was even turned into a major movie, is The Pursuit Of Happyness by Chris Gardner. The film was nominated for many awards like the Oscars. What many people don’t know is that the movie was inspired from a real life story.

The story was about a man named Chris Gardner. Gardner had once invested heavily in a device called “Bone Density Scanner.” This was a device which was marginally advanced technologically; however, the price was much higher than any buyer was interested to invest in. His story of struggle is inspiring for readers around the world.

While he was figuring out how to sell this device, his wife left him. His credit cards were frozen and he also lost the house he owned. On top of all this, he was forced to live as a homeless man with his one and only son. He was desperate to find a steady job which would pay his bills and more than anything give his son a lifestyle that he deserved.

He was finally able to find a job on Wall Street as a stock broker but had to undergo six months of training to receive any payment. The events that transpire afterwards is the main plot of the film and eventually Chris Gardener manages to become a success in the most inspiring way possible.

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3 Factors Beginners Need To Know About eBook Publishing

With eBooks, the book industry is changing fast, with new services, new terms, and new formats. With the concept of self-publishing, the publishing landscape has changed completely. With virtual libraries like Ennymedia, reading has become even more fun and convenient, hence, attracts a large number of subscribers.

If you are a new entrant to the world of eBooks, the fast changing rules here might seem a tad overwhelming. Despite the many changes that the book industry has seen, there are some things that have remained constant. As a beginner here are three important pointers you need to know about eBook publishing.

  • Most eBook publishing and distribution services are non-exclusive and do not take any rights to the author’s work. This means you can use any services at the same time, and you can choose to take down your work at anytime, or upload revisions, updates, and changes to the price.

  • There are single device publishing and distribution services and multiple channel distribution services, both of which can be used in tandem. There are certain services that will distribute your eBook to multiple e-reading devices.

  • There are many free eBook conversion software available that helps to output eBook files from many types of sources. As a first time eBook author and an inexperienced user, using such software might prove to be an intimidating experience. Alternatively, you can resort to using paid services that will help you handle the technical aspects of formatting and conversion for your eBook.

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Digital Over Literature: Is Our Love For Books Diminishing?

According to a recent research, books are turning obsolete. One in four adults did not read a single book last year and this is a worrying trend. Books were the blockbusters of the yesteryear and people got excited about different authors and titles. But times changed and so did people’s preferences and choices. Pop culture changes have brought in new genres and types of books based on varying tastes with each passing generation.

Today, people aren’t reading the way they used to. With varying entertainment options like movies, TV, games available, books have taken a back seat. Since change is constant, are publishers and authors missing out on a huge chunk of potential readers in the market? While visual media has a bright colors and beautiful motifs that keep us hooked, traditional printed books have less appeal for people today.

Websites like Ennymedia are resurrecting the charm of books by curating eBooks and audiobooks of different genres. The digital medium is helping literature enthusiasts rediscover the beauty of words and the magic of plots and characters. The world is constantly changing and the publishing industry needs to keep up with the shorter attention spans of people by introducing new and interactive ways to consume books.

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4 Ways Music Therapy Can Help Your Aging Loved Ones

Music has the magical ability to evoke warm memories and feelings from the past. Given the ability of music to soothe and comfort people, music therapy is gaining great prominence.


Ennymedia is one such site which offers its subscribers songs of many different genres that they can listen to at their convenience. One of the most effective uses of music therapy happens in old age homes, which house senior citizens. The majority of adults between the ages of 65 and 85 are known to have at least one chronic condition like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and so on. Hence, music therapy for seniors and their caregivers is extremely beneficial.

Given below are some benefits of music therapy for senior citizens.

Reduces stress

Some caregivers have difficulty managing their aging loved one’s stress and agitation. They have found that playing music helps relax them and ease their aggressive behaviors. Playing slow songs like ballads can help them deal with stress they are experiencing.

Enhances speech skills

Music therapy has been proven to help senior people answer questions, make decisions, and speak with clarity. It especially helps dementia and Alzheimer’s patients by slowing the deterioration of language skills and speech.

Inspires physical movement

With music comes dancing and foot tapping, after all. Dancing promotes coordination and can help with walking and endurance. Even if the person is immobile, music can inspire toe tapping and clapping.

Increased social interaction

As people age, their social interaction slows down. Music therapy encourages seniors to bond with others, which in turn alleviates feelings of loneliness and depression.

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Enny Media: Making Learning Cost Effective

While schools still use traditional textbooks to teach students, the effects of the rapidly changing face of technology is spilling over into the classrooms as well. The concept of eBooks is increasingly appealing to schools because of the various benefits teachers and students get from it. Since students are adept at using the various mobile devices and have access to it at anytime, it makes sense to introduce eBooks in schools.


EnnyMedia is one such online library of eBooks and audiobooks that schools can subscribe to. Getting eBooks from EnnyMedia can also prove to be a cost-effective method for schools, ultimately, working out in their favor. EnnyMedia always has a good stock of eBooks, ensuring that they never run out of stock for when schools place an order for any particular genre of books. It also saves them from running to stores and waiting in line.

Unlike the traditional textbooks, eBooks come with multiple features and functions, which help enhance the learning experience in classrooms. EBooks have text-to-speech function which is particularly useful to help students with dyslexia, reading challenges, or even visual impairments.

One of the other major benefits is being environmentally friendly. Since traditional textbooks use paper, which calls for deforestation, using e-books completely eliminates that process. As the school curriculum keeps changing every year, using eBooks makes more sense environmentally.