Enny Media: Making Learning Cost Effective

While schools still use traditional textbooks to teach students, the effects of the rapidly changing face of technology is spilling over into the classrooms as well. The concept of eBooks is increasingly appealing to schools because of the various benefits teachers and students get from it. Since students are adept at using the various mobile devices and have access to it at anytime, it makes sense to introduce eBooks in schools.


EnnyMedia is one such online library of eBooks and audiobooks that schools can subscribe to. Getting eBooks from EnnyMedia can also prove to be a cost-effective method for schools, ultimately, working out in their favor. EnnyMedia always has a good stock of eBooks, ensuring that they never run out of stock for when schools place an order for any particular genre of books. It also saves them from running to stores and waiting in line.

Unlike the traditional textbooks, eBooks come with multiple features and functions, which help enhance the learning experience in classrooms. EBooks have text-to-speech function which is particularly useful to help students with dyslexia, reading challenges, or even visual impairments.

One of the other major benefits is being environmentally friendly. Since traditional textbooks use paper, which calls for deforestation, using e-books completely eliminates that process. As the school curriculum keeps changing every year, using eBooks makes more sense environmentally.